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Troy grew up hunting and fishing around Southern and Central Ontario. Troy has been addicted to pursuing waterfowl for the past 25 years. It is a journey that has given him the opportunity to hunt throughout Canada and the United States.  It is an experience that has allowed him to hunt with some of the best in some of the worst conditions. Troy would like to thank the Good Lord for allowing us to do what we do, also his dad for introducing him to the outdoors, his mom for putting up with his dad and his beautiful wife and amazing daughters for putting up with his crazy waterfowl life, as well as all of our clients, friends, and landowners that have made this operation a success.
God Bless.


Nolan Ryckman.jpg


Nolen grew up Hunting and Fishing waters of Lake Ontario around the Picton, Ont. area. He has had a huge passion for Waterfowl Hunting for the last 20 years or so. Nolen is happily married and has two great kids. He owns a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Jaeger) that he takes pride in training himself. In the off season Nolen enjoys Sporting Clay Shooting, Fishing, & restoring/driving his Classic '68 Cougar.


Autumn Skies Outfitter - Crew - Shane Elliott.jpg


Shane has been obsessed with Waterfowl hunting for the last 15 years. He's has been giving us a hand and providing entertainment in the blinds the last couple years.


Autumn Skies Outfitter - Crew - Casey.jpg


Casey grew up hunting and fishing around the Orillia area,  he's been an avid Turkey and Deer hunter for several years, the last five years or so Casey started following us around, and really showed a passion for Waterfowl hunting.



We have been blessed to have had the pleasure of working along side some of the most talented retrievers in the business. Below is a list of some of our retrievers past and present that have made memories for so many. These are truly magnificent animals.



We got Boogie as a puppy from Warhawk Kennels in Swartz Louisiana. He is from FC AFC Candlewoods Man In Black and HRCH Diego's Duckmaster Sierra. After being our main retriever for over a decade and making well over 13,000 retrieves, Boogie is officially retired. He still has his extreme desire to retrieve and is healthy and enjoying retired life.




Deadgrass Jaeger  2008 – 2021 Jag was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, we had the pleasure of having Jag retrieve for us for several seasons.


Autumn Skies - Dogs - Remington.png


Springhollow’s Lady Remington 1998 – 2013 Remington was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, she was one of our main dogs in the early years of our business and made well over 10,000 Retrieves.


Autumn Skies - Dogs - Chase.png


Wingmasters Chasen’ Autumn Skies 2008 – 2019 Chase was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever we had the pleasure of having Chase retrieve for us for several seasons.


Autumn Skies - Dogs - Buddy.png


Watertail’s Buddy Ryckman 2001-2012 Buddy was a Chocolate Lab. Buddy has made thousands of retrieves for us, his desire and willingness to please will never be replaced he was a true gentleman.


Autumn Skies - Dogs - Jetter.png


Flyaways Plains to Pacific 1995-2006 Jetter was a Black Lab, he was one of our main dogs in the early years of our business, racking up the miles from Ontario to Alberta to Iowa to Arkansas. He made some memorable retrieves throughout Canada and the US.


Autumn Skies - Dogs - Hope.png


Docheno’s Keep Your Fingers Crossed - Hope is from Docheno Kennels in South Carolina. She is from FC AFC 3R’s Mister Cross Your T’s and MH Docheno’s Running In The Black. Hope is currently one of our main retrievers, she is a small dog with an extremely big motor, it’s quite remarkable watching this 55lb dog run down and tackle cripple honkers.


Texaco 2018.webp


Lonestars Black Gold Rush - Texaco came from Moccasin Creek Kennels in Longview Texas she is out of FC AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise and HRCH Moccasin Creek’s Train Wreck. With an outstanding pedigree Texaco was on her way to becoming a great retriever, sadly she was plagued by an injury that would never allow her to have her days in the field. She is living quite the life of early retirement sleeping on furniture and lounging by the pool.


Autumn Skies - Dogs - Georgia.png


Runnin’ Shine Through the Pine – Georgia as her name would suggest is from the great state of Georgia, she is out of SRS 7XGRHRCH MH Reedy Creeks Maximum Destruction and HRCH Fancy Katherine of High Cotton, she is still in the training process but is an absolute pleasure to work with.




Samis Gunn’s Gunn’r – Gunn’r is from Samis Gunn Kennels in Washago Ontario. Anyone who has hunted with Gunn'r has witnessed his extreme desire for downed birds.  


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