At Autumn Skies, we run hunts from early September right through into January and the one week at the end of February. We only offer morning hunts four days per week as this allows us to manage our properties more effectively and minimize the pressure put on the birds.


In result, we have found this has produced very successful hunts. At Autumn Skies, it is of our highest priority to provide our clients with safe and quality waterfowl hunts. We offer our clients different styles of hunts in a wide variety of locations. At Autumn Skies we have several leased properties including private lakes, farm ponds, flooded timber, fields and quarries. We also hunt some public marshes, rivers and big water lakes. Location of our hunts depend on the previous days scouting. We have a variety of blinds we use.


On the water we have boat blinds equipped with mud engines for those hard to reach spots, layout boats, stake blinds, floating blinds, and shore blinds. In the fields we use hedge row blinds early in the season as the birds wise up we use layout blinds and in some heavy flight areas and “repeat offender” areas we have some pit blinds.


We have a broad species of ducks including the Mallard, Wood Duck, Green & Blue Winged Teal, Black Duck, Widgeon, Gadwall, Bluebill, Ring Neck, Bufflehead, Goldeneye, Redhead, Canvasback, Pintails and more as well as loads of Canada Geese. Depending on the location of the hunt some of our properties can produce quite a mixed bag.